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What we do

BTL designs and installs intelligent systems that control and monitor the environment within a building via the building's mechanical and electrical services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting.

We provide software, hardware and design expertise. All three come together to create a tailored, flexible system that allows the building to adapt to its owner’s or occupants’ needs on a daily basis and to evolve over the building's lifetime.


There are three things that differentiate BTL from other companies doing similar work in New Zealand.

Firstly, the fact that our systems adapt so readily provides building owners peace of mind that their building is future-proofed. Secondly, our components happily integrate with existing systems. This is often the factor that makes it worthwhile to upgrade in order to realise efficiency gains. And thirdly, the depth of design and technical expertise in house makes us the 'go to' company for complex work where price is only one of the key considerations.

A great example of a challenging contract is Auckland University's PC3 lab at the medical school. The PC3 lab is a 'biocontainment facility' with the most stringent operational standards in New Zealand. Read more here.

We're also trusted by organisations such as Westfield, Precinct Properties and ASB Bank to maximise their occupants' comfort while optimising the efficiency of their buildings. Read more here.

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