Energy Products

Capturing and interpreting data is key for energy efficiency

BTL has a comprehensive portfolio of energy products and solutions that enable our customers to effectively manage their energy consumption.

Effective energy management is about understanding your built environment. Our range of energy management products help our customers to capture and interpret energy usage data, identify energy saving strategies and prioritise them to net significant savings.

We can design and implement a stand-alone solution if required, or we can add this capability to your existing Building Management System.

Buildings account for


of worldwide energy consumption

eSight can save up to


of total energy costs


  • eSight
  • EECA Funding

Gain new insights into your energy usage with eSight

BTL solutions for energy management include the highly regarded eSight platform. BTL can help you create or upgrade the data collection infrastructure; eSight centralises the data and gives you the tools you need to read it, unlocking potential energy savings in your buildings and processes. You’ll be able to see how your energy is used, identify energy saving opportunities, set targets and monitor improvements.

Clients who are using eSight are saving up to 30% on their energy costs. The platform helps you engage employees in achieving your energy saving goals by sharing dashboards and promoting energy saving achievements. Your obligation to manage energy and report on your goals and efforts is only going to grow over time. The platform also provides the tools you need to comply with legislation and meet international standards, such as ISO 50001. eSight is being used in over 100,000 buildings globally.

Get up to 40% of your project funded, through EECA

Of all the good reasons to create a more energy-efficient building – reduced operating costs, greater comfort and satisfaction for occupants, higher tenancy rates and better returns, plus of course conserving our precious resources and caring for the planet – here’s another key incentive.

With a Commercial Project Grant from EECA, you could get up to 40% of the cost of your project funded. This is money that’s readily available to help you save energy, save capital, improve your ROI over the long term and get that next venture over the line.

The type of work this grant covers includes:

  • Installing a monitoring and targeting system that tracks energy use and identifies areas for improvement. (Up to 40% off the cost of the system (up to a maximum of $100,000).
  • Optimising a continuous commissioning system or BMS that adjusts energy usage in line with demand. (Up to 40% off the cost of the system (up to a maximum of $100,000) for organisations with an annual energy spend of $200,000.
  • Equipment replacement and upgrades, such as new lighting systems, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning solutions.

These are all areas that BTL specialises in (from custom design, right through to implementation and ongoing support), and because we’re an EECA approved Commercial Project Grant provider we can also advise you on the best way forward for funding.

NB: most building types are eligible (there is no minimum size), however your project must deliver a guaranteed level of cost-effective energy savings in order to qualify.

Talk to us today about ECCA’s Commercial Project Grant, and getting up to 40% of your project covered for minimum outlay, maximum return.

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