Building Automation

Equip your building for tomorrow

Building automation is the automatic centralised control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a Building Management System (BMS).

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BTL’s design capability and product expertise deliver automation that equips your building for tomorrow. Our products and approach are inherently flexible: we build adaptability into your system so it evolves as your building evolves.

We use software and hardware from established international suppliers like Siemens, Automated Logic and Tridium. We believe in the importance of choice for our clients, so we offer a range of leading open protocol systems that allow your products and systems to communicate with each other. This means you’re not restricted to certain products or suppliers, either now or in the future.


  • Desigo CC
  • Niagara
  • WebCTRL

Comfort, safety and efficiency all rolled into one

Desigo CC is a building management system that’s easy to operate, functional, and fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The Desigo CC platform is based on global communication protocols and standards. This means Desigo CC can integrate multiple disciplines across one platform, including with other third-party systems. All connected disciplines are controlled from one centralised location using the unique Desigo CC interface.

The platform is both modular and flexible – Desigo CC covers single-discipline systems through to integrated buildings with one or more disciplines. The platform is scalable to suit buildings of all sizes, and across complexes and campuses. It’s also extendable over time. This means it can change and adapt to meet changing requirements and new conditions.

Desigo CC is engineered for maximum efficiency by minimising project commissioning time, system downtime and training requirements.

Connecting minds and machines

Niagara is the operating system of the Internet of Things: it is a software framework which connects and controls the devices in your building and translates millions of pieces of data coming from your systems.

Niagara integrates your building's data onto one unified platform. Users can access the platform via any connected screen (such as a tablet or a mobile phone) to manage and optimise system performance.

Niagara connects old legacy systems through to modern devices, regardless of manufacturer, communication standard or software. That’s because the Niagara framework is a truly open platform. The platform is stable, intuitive, and gives developers a unified environment to build on.

You can expect to see better energy management, operational excellence, optimised labour, cost avoidance, increased savings and end-to-end efficiency.

Taking the complexity out of web-based building automation

WebCTRL is a web-based building automation platform. It integrates individual building systems into one powerful management tool to reduce energy consumption, increase occupant comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations.

The system enables users to control and access information about their building from anywhere, and at anytime via a variety of internet devices such as desktop PCs and smartphones.

The platform is intuitive, easy to access and easy to use. It includes dynamic colour floor plans to convey building conditions, as well as customisable graphics, schedules, trends, reports and alarms.

WebCTRL offers end-to-end operating freedom because it is an open standard system which takes advantage of the latest web technologies.

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