IOT After Hours Scheduling

Run a more efficient building and empower your tenants

We understand that office hours are not confined to nine-to-five. After-hours building management can be a burden on Building Managers, and it can compromise your energy efficiency and cost-saving targets.

BTL is the sole-distributor of the web-based after hours scheduling system, Aura. Aura helps you to run a more efficient building by empowering your tenants to do the after-hours building management for you. Tenants can schedule AC and lighting operations in a user-friendly way via a login portal, including repeat schedules for those busy periods or late meetings.

The benefits of Aura extend beyond after-hours scheduling. Disputes are reduced thanks to the online scheduling system, and Aura’s auto report generation tool reduces billing reporting time by a tenth of the typical time required. Some of our larger clients were taking close to a full working day to organise tenant billing data and invoicing. They now take around 30 minutes.

Aura can interface with nearly all existing Building Management Systems (BMS), or it can be retrofitted to buildings without a BMS. And the best part? There’s no need to update the software: that’s our job, and we do it as part of the package.

Improve your NABERS Rating

Aura logs, collects and stores data which can be used to increase your NABERS rating.

NABERS is an energy efficiency rating system system backed by the New Zealand government.

Buildings with a high NABERS rating attract high value tenants who pay a premium for an energy efficient building, have longer lease terms and lower vacancy rates.

Aura reduces billing reporting time by




of a building's total energy consumption occurs after hours

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