Lighting Automation

Smart systems bring greater control and energy savings

A Lighting Control System (LCS) uses software to automatically control functions such as switching, dimming, building occupancy, presence detection, blind and louvre control, daylight harvesting, LED driving, media control and more. BTL can integrate your LCS with your Building Management System (BMS), giving you one common operating point and lowering your installation and running costs in the process.

These days sophisticated software can control lighting at the level of the individual fixture, in response to instructions from the BMS. You can access your LCS remotely (using DALI and KNX protocols or Apple or Android-based platforms) and interact with the system to change settings or switch functions on or off remotely, from any device. This heightened level of control can improve the ambience and safety of the environment, enhance productivity and yield energy savings.

Lighting accounts for


of a commercial building’s electricity use

Advanced lighting controls can achieve up to


in energy savings


  • Siemens Desigo Total Room Automation
  • Siemens Gamma Lighting Control

Creating the optimal room environment

Our comfort and productivity depend on the indoor environment in which we work and live. This includes air quality, cooling, heating and lighting.

Desigo Total Room Automation allows you to balance comfort, productivity and energy efficiency by integrating the disciplines within a room. Your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading can operate together to ensure a comfortable room climate, good air quality and optimal lighting conditions while consuming as little energy as possible.

Reducing your costs and meeting your occupants’ needs

Gamma is a lighting control system which supports a range of applications that save energy on lighting and improve the visual environment for your occupants. A Gamma lighting control system can deliver 20% to 60% energy savings compared to a stand-alone lighting system.

Energy-saving applications supported by Gamma:

  • Daylight harvesting: artificial lighting is reduced in response to available natural light in a room.
  • Occupancy control: lighting, window shading and room temperatures are adjusted depending on whether a space is occupied or not at any given time.
  • Task tuning: control lighting levels in a particular space based on the specific tasks associated with that space.
  • Scheduling: schedule lighting preferences through the building automation system.
  • Blind and shade control: control blinds to meet the illumination and comfort needs of occupants.
  • Ballast-level control: control lighting zones and groups as well as individual lights at the granular level to meet your functionality, comfort and energy savings needs.

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