BTL is helping make buildings kinder on the planet

Buildings account for 40% of the world’s carbon emissions, most of which occurs through their operational lifetime, not their construction. BTL is committed to guiding New Zealand toward a greener future. As such, we have made sustainability a key focus for our business and we are helping our customers do the same.

With energy costs rising and legislation becoming more onerous in line with growing public acceptance of climate change, becoming more energy efficient is no longer a niche concern to be dealt with in the future.

We believe that operating in a way that conserves our planet’s resources is more important than ever. Any business that takes this approach will reap the rewards: more efficient processes, improved productivity, lower compliance costs and a competitive edge.

BTL has Green Star accreditation

BTL is a long-standing partner of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), with ‘Green Star’ accreditation. Green Star uses tools to address the needs of specific building types, for example office, industrial or education. Credits are awarded based on the building's environmental merits and take into consideration the unique development requirements and impacts. These tools currently cater to new buildings only, however we use them to align existing buildings with the Green Star standards – a form of future proofing.

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