Building Integration

The best solutions on the market supported by the brightest minds in the industry

BTL designs and installs hardware and software to create intelligent building systems. Our systems control and monitor heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting services via a building management system (BMS).

Increasingly sophisticated technology makes selecting the right products and integrating them into a comprehensive system more complex. Our depth of design and building expertise allow us to create an easy-to-use system that meets our customers’ present and future needs.

We work with only the best software and hardware from established international suppliers including German powerhouse, Siemens. What’s more, BTL uses a suite of open protocol systems, including the DALI and KNX protocols. This means our clients are not limited to products or devices belonging to one manufacturer or application: we can design an integrated system using the best products for the job.

Once you have invested in an intelligent building system, BTL takes it a step further by offering a range of building performance services designed to optimise your building’s performance and help you reap the rewards from your investment.

BTL is at the forefront of building automation technology. We make it a priority to keep our customers in the know about advances in building intelligence solutions. We stay up to date so that we can ensure your building is equipped for tomorrow.

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