Building Performance

Future-proofing your building is a journey, not a destination. The key to achieving optimum building performance is to continually maintain, optimise and enhance your Building Management System (BMS) to adapt to your changing needs.

We’ve leveraged our industry expertise and in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs to produce a unique range of building performance solutions designed to help you get the most out of your BMS. You’ll achieve higher levels of efficiency and cost-effectiveness with less stress, reduced risk, and less need for third party service providers.

Protect your investment

Protect your investment and optimise your building’s performance with a planned maintenance solution. We’ll work with you to analyse your existing maintenance strategy, or implement a new one.

We’ll help you to:

  1. raise service standard levels
  2. improve communication channels
  3. reduce service costs
  4. maintain efficient operation of equipment
  5. minimise the risk of mechanical failure

Net cost savings by prioritising energy efficiencies

Optimising your energy management strategy gives you an often untapped avenue to cost savings. Given that 75% of a building’s total lifecycle costs can be attributed to the operational phase, we encourage our customers to focus their energy saving priorities not during the purchase phase, but on the operational phase of their building equipment.

We’ll help you to:

  1. capture and interpret energy data
  2. turn information into insight so that you can adapt your operations to become more energy efficient
  3. build energy saving strategies that will net you significant savings over the long term

Respond to alarms in the easiest way possible

BTL shifts the hassle of BMS alarm monitoring and response off your plate and onto ours.

BTL attends to your BMS alarms remotely. We assess and prioritise alarms, and send a request to one of our trusted contractors. We’re with you all the way, tracking progress until the job is complete.

We offer a 24/7 managed response service for your BMS alarms, with a KPI target response time within one hour of your BMS alarm trigger. Our 24/7 response service can be applied across all aspects of your BMS. That means you get quick response times and system remediations.

We’ll help you to:

  1. reduce call-out service costs by prioritising the response to alarms
  2. minimise plant downtime
  3. minimise effects on tenants and reduce tenant complaints
  4. reduce time spent on servicing alarms

Empower your staff to operate your BMS

BTL offers in-house training for your employees and staff so that they can operate your BMS efficiently and effectively.

By investing in and upskilling your people, you can expand the skill base of your employees and reduce the risk of single-person dependency. The benefits of investing in BTL’s internal training programmes are broad.

We’ll help you to:

  1. reduce downtime and running costs
  2. increase effective communication between staff and support services
  3. minimise the risk of incorrect operation by users
  4. improve operational efficiencies

Accessing information from one common platform

BTL can organise the information generated by your BMS into one common, centralised information platform that is updated on an ongoing basis. This allows all of your building information to be accessed quickly, easily and in a user-friendly way.

We'll help you to:

  1. reduce call-out and unplanned replacement costs
  2. engage in better decision-making
  3. minimise downtime


Improving interactions between users and your BMS

A user-friendly centralised information system is essential to efficient BMS operations. We can work with you to design an intuitive interface that facilitates clear interaction between users and the BMS.

We'll help you to:

  1. reduce training time and reliance on specialised users
  2. minimise operational errors
  3. improve user efficiency

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