Customise Your Workplace Environment

Studies on internal working environments show that tiredness, headaches and chills can be attributed to a poor indoor climate. One remedy for poor indoor climate is a flexible control system, such as Desigo Room Automation by Siemens. Desigo Room Automation allows heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading to be intelligently linked so that the indoor climate can be quickly adjusted to a user’s individual requirements.

Up until now, the disciplines listed above have been controlled and automated independently. Desigo Room Automation combines all disciplines into a uniform control strategy and monitors the desired temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 levels for each room.

Occupancy-dependent lighting control coordinates lighting and shading to achieve the optimum ratio of daylight to artificial light in the workplace. The end result is that employees are healthier and more relaxed and focused at work.

For the new headquarters of Schwäbisch Media in Ravensburg, Germany, a sustainable building concept as well as optimal workplace conditions were a major priority. Management decided to implement Desigo Room Automation. On a surface measuring 14,000 square metres, some 330 employees now benefit from optimal working conditions. Thanks to the adaptable office concept, the open-space areas allow for both individual and open-plan offices. In comparison to the old headquarters, employees now work in the best-possible indoor climate – and at the same time make a contribution to lowering energy consumption.

Watch the following video from Siemens on Schwäbisch Media’s workplace environment


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